Heal Thyself Physician!

So this blog became like most other blogs out there, Unused and empty. That was never my intention or dream for this blog. My vision was that this blog, my words, would inspire the people that read it. The problem was…..I lost my own encouragement, happiness and overall belief that everything will be alright. I became the reader I wanted to inspire. Overworked, stressed and a little bit jaded by society. This is not an excuse, it’s a problem. I forgot what I always tell people, it is in the darkest part of our lives, that we have to dig deep to find that light again, and WE have to work overtime to keep the light bright. This inner light, this inner goodness, this inner peace that I am speaking of, is unique to YOU. It belongs to you, and no one, nothing, has the authority to take it away from you UNLESS….you give it to them. At some point, you will get tired of crying, your head and neck will get weak from hanging, your shoulders will get tired of sagging and you will get tired of feeling powerless because you have given it all away. Well there is some great news in store for you…….get ready……when you are ready to take it all back YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE ENDOWED WITH POWER TO DO SO! Your power and your light will never fit or belong to anyone or anything else. We all know the story of David and Goliath very well, but there is a small part of that story, that doesn’t get talked about often, but is so significant. Before going out to fight Goliath, David, being a man of small stature, was given King Saul’s armor to wear, as David put it on, it came right off, it was too big, and it didn’t belong to him. David immediately took it off and went forward with what was unique to him. Just like King Saul’s armor was too big for David and didn’t fit, your power, your inner light, was not made to fit anything or anyone else! Take it back and keep it! We all know that at the end of that story, David was victorious. You can be victorious as well, you can be stronger, wiser, And YOU CAN BE GREAT! So you are in a dark period, so all you see are shadows, well shadows can’t even exist without LIGHT. Pick your head up; you are an amazing human being and a human doing. The best men fall seven times, but get up eight! Let good thoughts be your sword and shield!