When Seasons Change

The skies were a crystal blue and there were a few wispy, pure white clouds that resembled cotton candy when it has been pulled apart. The sun was a bright, golden and it looked gorgeous but it was HOT. I stepped outside into the 90 degree weather that day and immediately began to feel myself sweat. “Well that took no time at all” I thought as I pulled my napkin from my purse and began to pat my forehead and nose. “Oh my freaking goodness, does it need to be this damn humid?” I said aloud. As soon as the last word left my mouth I immediately started to chuckle. It was July; seven months ago we were buried under snow, nineteen winter storms in total. Three months ago we still had snow showers in April, and I was still wearing a winter coat.
Seasons change, sometimes it takes a while to see and notice but eventually the change does happen. As I lift my face toward the sky to take in the soft breeze I am reminded of the scripture I used to hear in church as a child. In Ecclesiastes chapter three King Solomon wrote that there are seasons for everything and he goes on to describe the changes that happen in life.
Nothing can remain the same; try as you might t o keep things the same change is inevitable. Not only that but we are not meant to stay in the same season forever. Think about the time span from birth to adulthood, you are constantly growing and changing mentally as well as physically. So why do we fight so hard against the changes in life? I remember one year we had a beautiful fall and I was in love with the scenery and the weather. Soon as the end of November came, I immediately started to groan because that meant winter was coming and Connecticut winters can be brutal…..I was anticipating the negative aspect of change. This is generally the reason we fear change so much, change can be uncomfortable because we don’t know what is coming and often our first reaction is to think negatively about it. Well the season changed as it always will, and winter came as it always does and that year, while we had very cold temperatures, we barely had any snow, it had been a mild winter. Not every change will be turbulent, pick your head up and think positively.
Remember this; you have a mission and a purpose in life that is unique to you. You are not here by accident, you are here for a reason and you are important. You cannot afford to get complacent and never move forward in life. Change helps you to grow, learn, mature and elevate. Nothing good comes from your refusal to move forward in life. Here’s an example, as the seasons change, you change, your lifestyle changes just a bit, your home environment changes, and the clothes you wear change. What happens if you try to go into winter wearing clothes from fall because you are resistant to the change? You will get sick, you will end up with hypothermia, frostbite and so forth…..all because you refused to change. What happens to stagnant (showing no activity, having no current or flow) water in the summertime? It develops an unpleasant smell and overall becomes unhealthy to whoever comes into direct contact with it. Refusal to grow and change can and will affect you and the lives around you.
Your new season awaits you! New experiences await you! New growth awaits you! Purpose is waiting for you! People that you will help and reach in a positive way are waiting for you! But you will never get there if you keep trying to stay in a season that you are no longer meant to be in.
It’s your time dear souls…..go through the change of seasons in your life and prosper!