Emotional Rollercoaster

“A curse can be born from a single, stray thought. Magic is born, in part, from emotions and intent. An angry wish, spoken or otherwise can set off a chain reaction you’d normally never start. Learning to maintain control over your emotions, especially negative ones, is the first step to truly mastering your minds abilities” 40 Powerful Thoughts

Webster’s Dictionary defines emotion as: a strong feeling (such as love, anger, joy, hate, or fear)

That’s it?! Really…like for real? That one little sentence? Emotions can have us up, down, in, out and all around within a matter of seconds and those things are STRONG! So you mean to tell me that one small sentence is all we get?

Well obviously we know much better. Emotions, if left unchecked can literally make or break either us or a situation. What exactly am I saying? I deal with emotions every day from everywhere, children and adults. I am the behavior lead of an elementary school program which means there are days where all I deal with are emotions. There was one particular week where my emotions were all over the place and I let them run all over the place. I could feel myself becoming unbalanced and I could feel that my emotions were just running the show, yet I did nothing to rein them in. That was one of the most negative weeks I had had in a very long time. My patience was short and I couldn’t even bring myself to smile at anyone; at one point I had completely lost my patience with another adult and walked away angry. I felt completely drained and ineffective that week, worse yet I was rude to a colleague of mine which is unprofessional. All in all, I exhibited behavior that was quite unlike me. I let my feelings of frustration build until they turned into anger and resentment, which led to my inability to communicate effectively, and I am BIG on positive, effective communication.

It wasn’t until I took some time away to meditate that I felt strong enough and peaceful enough to start the week in a more positive way. Now, we all lead very busy lives and we aren’t always able to step away from work for even a few minutes to pray, breathe, meditate or whatever it is you do to keep yourself and your emotions balanced.  Checking and maintaining your emotions has to be a conscious effort on your part. Meaning that when you feel frustration rising, you have to acknowledge it as soon as you feel it and do whatever you need to do to not let that negative emotion rise and grow. Sometimes that might mean taking some deep breathes, walking away from the situation for a few minutes or just saying to yourself quickly “it’s all good”. When you don’t check your emotions, you can potentially dump them onto someone else, who will then internalize them and dump them onto the next person and so forth. You ever noticed that when you walk into a room of people, if one person is negative then generally that energy is just sitting in the room and everyone else, including you will start to feel it and take it out on each other? That is a bunch of people, in a room letting their emotions run wild and no one has stopped to take notice and bring their own emotions under control.

Emotions are way more than just the one word sentence that Webster’s Dictionary gives us. Emotions are many, emotions are deep and they have roots. Learning how to recognize and master your emotions can be a lifelong process but it is a necessary one. Amazing things can happen in the process of learning to control your emotions. Connections are made, a deeper level of understanding happens and burdens are lifted. Stop letting your emotions control your reactions because there will be a day when you have a reaction that you can’t fix or take back.

Until next time my dears…..stay blessed!